unable to solve identifier get_instance()

  • jkht

    jkht - 2012-09-10


    I've tried one of the provided examples mng/test_write_pool.cpp, but before even trying to run the program in the line
    block_manager::get_instance()->new_blocks(single_disk(), &bid, (&bid) + 1) ;
    I receive an error unable to solve identifier get_instance()  and I can't move forward. As obvious, I'm new to stxxl, so any help would be aprreciated.

  • Andreas Beckmann

    Please provide some more information about your platform, OS, compiler …

    Copy and paste the commands you were running and the output you got.

    test_write_pool.cpp is not really a recommended example … what about looking at algo/test_sort.cpp or containers/test_vector.cpp



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