Stxxl Basic Using Question (VC++ 8.0)

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    Hello Roman,

    I am a student writing a project about external memory compression and thinking of using Stxxl. I'v been digging on how to set it up for days but still got some problems. I really cannot find much information about it.

    I have successfully built the Stxxl project in VC++ 8.0 I believe (libstxxl.lib was created).

    My problem is how can I use the library 'libstxxl.lib' for my exist project? I even got no idea how to run the test programs provided.

    e.g. I created a separate project for the test program 'test_vector.cpp'. But when I tried to build the project it just simply report an error "Cannot open include file: 'stxxl'". I also tried to change the include statement to "#include <stxxl/containers/vector.h>" then the error becomes "Cannot open include file: 'sys/time.h'" (am I trying to rebuild the library?).

    Hope you dont mind such basic questions. The installation guide is too brief (maybe just for me). However, a more detailed guide will be definitely a great help for beginners.

    Best Regards,

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Hi Jay,

      Did you add the paths to Stxxl include and lib files for your project as described in <> ?
      Then the libstxxl.lib and the stxxl headers paths will be included into your MSVC project.

      also see the test WinGUI application in stxxl/test/WinGUI directory

      The correct way to include stxxl is (for versions 1.0x):

      #include <stxxl.h>


      #include <stxxl>


    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Thank you for your quick respond! Really appreciate it.

      I need to add the parameters from 'compiler.options' and 'linker.options' (I thought it was optional. Actually when Stxxl project was successfully built VC++ 8.0 prompt the same parameters to be used in other projects.)

      I can now build the test programs but still some problem to run them.

      When running the test programs it prompts: Error in config::config No disks found in './.stxxl' .

      I have created a disk file 'stxxl' (3000 Mb) under disk D used the provided tool 'createdisks.exe'. My config file called '.stxxl' and the option is "disk=d:\stxxl,3000,wincall" without quote.

      BTW, can you show me how to set the enviroment variable STXXLCFG so that I can use other config file name other than '.stxxl'. Because file names begin with '.' is not allowed by Windows (although we can force it to create them), I doubt if the name '.stxxl' is valid in WinXP.

      Regards, JAY

      • Nobody/Anonymous


        .stxxl file works perfectly on my winXP system with NTFS (may be there might be problems with FAT32)

        regarding environment variables try to use google:

        or just type in command line:

        set STXXLCFG=full_path_to_your_stxxl_config <enter>
        your_application_executable <enter>

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      OK. Finally make it work:)

      In the config file ".stxxl" I put a space before "disk=d:\stxxl,3000,wincall" and that's it. Dont know why but it just work.

      Thanks a lot for all the helps.

      Regards, JAY


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