Error - Possibly caused by large allocation

  • Karl

    Karl - 2012-05-09

    I am trying to allocate a large disk space to use with STXXL, but I keep getting the following error:

    main: /home/user/stxxl-1.3.1/include/stxxl/bits/containers/vector.h:1359: Tp_& stxxl::vector<Tp_, PgSz_, PgTp_, BlkSize_, AllocStr_, SzTp_>::element(const stxxl::double_blocked_index<SzTp_, PgSz_, stxxl::typed_block::size>&) : Assertion `page_no < int_type(_page_to_slot.size())' failed.

    The amount of disk space I want to use is 14 Gb. Here is the vector generator I am defining:

    typedef stxxl::VECTOR_GENERATOR<w_type, 1, 16*256, 4096>::result heap_t;

    I think the error is being caused because the vector can't reference 14 Gb of disk space, but I'm not really familiar with that stuff so I'm not really sure.

    Any suggestions as to the cause/solution of this problem is greatly appreciated!

  • Andreas Beckmann

    Please provide a minimal working (=compilable) code example that demonstrates the problem.

    What platform do you use?



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