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Frank Doelitzscher

Welcome to StudiCloud

The StudiCloud software includes a WebGUI for an Open Nebula driven cloud infrastructure. It allows user to create VMs through a simple to use web interface (see screenshots). Furthermore it provides a backend proxy to connect to the Single-Sign-On service Shibboleth for user authentication. StudiCloud interacts with the cloud management software OpenNebula and necessary infrastructure components like DNS, DHCP, NFS.

StudiCloud features

  • WebGUI for OpenNebula user to quickly deploy VMs

  • Graphical wizard driven VM creation

  • New VMs within seconds due to integration of KVM Copy-On-Write images

  • SSH-Key generation via Java Applet

  • User authentication via Shibboleth (infrastructure requiered)

  • Dedine how many VMs a user can run

  • VM start, stop, suspend, resume, delete

  • Interaction with infrastructure services like DHCP, DNS, NFS

Demo Video

If you want to get a first impression, you can find a demo video of StudiCloud here

StudiCloud Download

StudiCloud is released as Open Source software and publicly available for download at SourceForge.net!


First documentation, including a rough installation guide can be downloaded here:


There are the following Mailinglists for support: