Aleh Maksimovich

Struts 2 Suite

Struts 2 Suite is a set plug-ins that adds support for Apache Struts 2 framework into NetBeans IDE.

Suite Components

  1. [Struts 2 Support] plug-in
  2. [XWork Support] plug-in
  3. Struts 2.3.4 core libraries bundle

Supported NetBeans Versions

Plug-in version NetBeans 6.9 NetBeans 7.0 NetBeans 7.1 NetBeans 7.2
1.3.4 No Yes Yes Yes
1.3.2 No Yes Yes Not Verified
1.3 Yes No No No

Note: originally plug-in was developed by a team of Sun developers and its NetBeans 6.9.x compatible version is available to download from NetBeans plug-in portal.


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