appfuse 1.2 (cvs-12/30) login problem

  • Steven E. Waldren

    I downloaded appfuse 1.2 for the cvs on 12/30
    Env. MySQL 4.015, Tomcat 5.0

    All logins give the "Invalid username...." Validation error.  I ran "ant test-all" and everything worked except "STMP" host not found (I expected that).  Also I am able to connect to MySQL because I can "signup" as a new user through "signup.jsp"  Even this new user give the invalid validation error.

    I didn't know if this was an ENV/setup problem or a bug.  Appfuse 1.0 downloaded bin works fine.


    • Matt Raible

      Matt Raible - 2003-12-31

      Try deleting your cookies or upgrading to MySQL 4.0.16 -I saw issues with 0.15.

      Or try grabbing the latest CVS (or 1.2 bin) - I fixed some stuff yesterday.



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