appfuse.xml generation

  • Steven E. Waldren

    Another Newbie Question.

    How is the appfuse.xml file generated or is it by hand?  I downloaded the src (1.1) into eclipse, which generated an appfuse.xml file but there was just the intial context statement (I think the file was generated by the Tomcat plugin).

    I changed the term "appfuse" to "appfuse-1.1" (the src packaged into appfuse-1.1.war) in the appfuse.xml file and renamed it appfuse-1.1.xml and then started Tomcat5.0.

    This worked but gave me the same blank page on login (success and failure) that was mentioned in another thread. (I know I need to download latest cvs)

    Thanks  Steven

    P.S.  What a great piece of work to learn the in's and out's of J2EE/Struts application development.

    • Matt Raible

      Matt Raible - 2003-12-28

      The appfuse.xml is NOT generated, but rather renamed when copying metadata/web/tomcat-context.xml.  The "setup-tomcat" target in build.xml deploys this file to the container:

          <target name="setup-tomcat" depends="define-tasks" if="tomcat.home"
              description="copies jdbc driver and context.xml to tomcat">
                  <equals arg1="${tomcat.version}" arg2="5"/>
                      <echo message="Detected Tomcat 5..."/>
                      <echo level="info">Copying ${}.xml to</echo>
                      <echo level="info">  ${tomcat.home}/conf/Catalina/localhost</echo>
                      <copy tofile="${tomcat.home}/conf/Catalina/localhost/${}.xml"
                          file="metadata/web/tomcat-context.xml" />  
                      <echo message="Detected Tomcat 4..."/>
                      <echo level="info">Copying ${}.xml to</echo>
                      <echo level="info">  ${tomcat.home}/webapps</echo>
                      <copy tofile="${tomcat.home}/webapps/${}.xml"
                          file="metadata/web/tomcat-context.xml" /> 
              <echo level="info">Copying database JDBC Driver to</echo>
              <echo level="info">  ${tomcat.home}/common/lib</echo>
              <copy todir="${tomcat.home}/common/lib" file="${database.jar}"/>
              <echo/> <!-- blank line -->
              <echo level="warning">Make sure you have mail.jar, activation.jar</echo>
              <echo level="warning">  and jta.jar in ${tomcat.home}/common/lib</echo>

      You only need to change the docBase value in this file.  The "deploy" target in build.xml will expand the appfuse-version.war to $CATALINA_HOME/webapps/appfuse - regardless of version.

      Does this help?



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