• tito

    tito - 2004-06-08

    I don't get to undertand the cocoon plugin.
    I can do that all actions forward to one servlet, and this servlet redirect to cocoon.

    Which are the adventages of cocoon plug-in.

    I am trying to know how add a new request parameter from action but i don't know if the cocoon plugin is working so.

    I want forward to the cocoon servlet. It has sense?

    • Don Brown

      Don Brown - 2004-06-08

      You certainly could integrate Cocoon with Struts by using the request dispatcher to redirect requests to a Cocoon servlet for processing.  The plugin's approach is to integrate Cocoon right into Struts itself, removing the need to needlessly expose Cocoon to the world.  In the former case, a user could send requests to the Cocoon servlet directly, which may or may not be good.  If not, then the former would be a better solution.


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