Structure Synth 0.9.5 (Haiku) Released

Binaries for XP and Vista.
Universal Mac binaries are now also available.
Linux is still source only.

New features:

- New color features: a 'random color' operator with different palettes (random hue, random rgb, greyscale, sampling from image, or from user-defined list).
- Now uses two independent (Mersenne Twisters) random number generators: one for geometry and one for colors.
- Upgraded to Qt 4.5.0. Now Structure Synth is dual licensed under GPL and LGPL.
- Added 'blend {color} {strength}' operator.
- Added 'set seed initial' for syncing random seed.
- Added 'set maxsize ...' and 'set minsize ...'.
- Added support for specifying a startup .es file on the Commandline (this makes file associations possible).
- Added support for drag'and'drop (drop a .es file onto the clipboard).
- Added simple GUI for manipulating preprocessor defines.
- Added templates by Neon22 and Groovelock to the distribution.

Minor changes and bug fixes:

- Added close icon to tabs.
- Applied more aggressive optimization on Windows build (SSE2/fast fp-math). SSE2 is now required!
- Fixed a bug where a recursive rule (not producing objects) could fill memory.
- Added export of background color to templates.
- BugFix: The scrollwheel can now be used to zoom again.
- PovRay template export has been restored. The Camera export still needs some work, but it should be usable again.

Download from:

Posted by Mikael Hvidtfeldt Christensen 2009-04-29

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