Structure Synth 0.8.5 (Exonautica) Released

The Windows build of version 0.8.0 had missing dependencies, making it unable to run on most Windows XP installations.

Version 0.8.5 includes the following changes:
- The provided Windows binaries did not work for Windows XP (without installing the VS2008 C++ Runtime manually)
- Size/position of window now stored in registry.
- Fixed a missing include causing compilation errors on Debian.
- Fixed a bug which caused errors to be highlighted on the wrong text line in GUI, when comments were present.
- Fixed a newly introduced bug which caused the 'maxdepth' property for a custom rule to fail.
- BugFix: TemplateExporter: All objects may now use the {UID} tag.
- Bugfix: Reset View did not reset scale.

Download instructions at:

Posted by Mikael Hvidtfeldt Christensen 2008-07-13

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