Building Issue

  • GrePalmas

    GrePalmas - 2010-01-18

    I used mingw-g++  compiler adopted by the last release of QtCreator on Win7 OS to compile structure synth and this errors have been returned:
    "../../../SyntopiaCore/Math/Matrix4.h: No such file or directory"
    "../../../SyntopiaCore/GLEngine/EngineWidget.h: No such file or directory"
    in the file named Builder.h
    " ../../../SyntopiaCore/Logging/Logging.h: No such file or directory"
    in the file named AmbiguousRule.cpp.
    Maybe it could be a compatibility issue between VS and Mingw-g++ compiler.

    P.S.: to generate the pro file I wrote the command line "qmake -project -after "CONFIG+=opengl" -after "QT+=xml opengl script" "

  • Mikael Hvidtfeldt Christensen

    Actually, looking at the paths, it seems they are wrong. I think they should be:

    #include "../../SyntopiaCore/Math/Matrix4.h"

    instead of

    #include "../../../SyntopiaCore/Math/Matrix4.h"

    and so on.

    I've not tried correcting them, but I think that's the problem.
    Weirdly VC++ and the standard GCC seems to accept them?

    Best regards, Mikael.

  • GrePalmas

    GrePalmas - 2010-01-18

    yes I agree with you, but I wouldn't correct them locally because I'm trying to use your code got automatically from your svn repository.

  • GrePalmas

    GrePalmas - 2010-01-18

    Weirdly in Visual Studio if i change #include "../../../SyntopiaCore/Math/Matrix4.h" to #include "../../SyntopiaCore/Math/Matrix4.h" or
    #include "SyntopiaCore/Math/Matrix4.h" it still works

  • Mikael Hvidtfeldt Christensen

    I think it has to do with the way VC++ searches for include files. If the include file is not found relative to the source file, it will search the list of standard include paths.

    For instance 'tmp\mod\debug_shared' is one of the include file paths defined in the VC++ project, and "tmp\moc\debug_shared\../../../SyntopiaCore/Logging/Logging.h" actually resolves to the correct directory.

    I've checked in the changes to the SVN repo. Please let me know if there are other wrong paths.

    Regards, Mikael.

  • GrePalmas

    GrePalmas - 2010-01-25

    It's working now, thanks for your help!



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