Anonymous - 2013-04-04


I'm trying to build structuresynth on my mac.

here is the step I follow:

svn co structuresynth
qmake -project -after "CONFIG+=opengl" -after "QT+=xml opengl script"

I get some warnings like this one :

StructureSynth/GUI/VariableEditor.cpp:31:13: warning: private field 'widget' is not used  [-Wunused-private-field] QWidget* widget;

It does't affect the compilation process. But I get this error :

In file included from StructureSynth/JavaScriptSupport/Debug.cpp:16:
StructureSynth/JavaScriptSupport/../../SyntopiaCore/GLEngine/Sphere.h:25:4: error: unknown type name 'GLUquadric' GLUquadric* myQuad;

Then the compilation stops like this

make: *** [Debug.o] Error 1


Any Idea how i could fix this ?