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Summary of the events since StarQuest I - Sole Surviver:

On the year 2045, a group of scientists located an underwater object on Stewart Island near the coast of New Zealand.
later analysis showed that the object was in a shape of a crescent and made of an unknown metallic alloy.
The UFO was raised to the surface and taken to a secure location in the United States for further research.

On the year 2047, a young bright student by the name of Veron succeeded in unlocking the alien starship doorway.
The researchers were amazed by the advanced technology inside the starship, Also some alien writings were found.
The translation suggested that they indicate some major earth events during the last thousands of years.... read more

Posted by guyperl 2007-04-23

Project Concept Generation

I am currently working on the project concept, more details will be published soon.


Posted by guyperl 2006-12-26