StreamRipStar0.5 - 0.5 Beta1 Splitpoints

  • Walter Schacht

    Walter Schacht - 2009-03-07

    Hi ,

    I upgraded to 0.5 Beta 1 and realised problems with the splitpoints. As soon as I use "Search window relative to metadataoption" I don'treceive the titles anymore and the "incomplete" directory is created in the "General Save For All Streams" directory.

    Thus, if I use more then one streams with the "Search window relative to metadataoption"  at the same time I receceive a "cant create file" error. All files that are created as " - .mp3" and therefore this error message appears.

    Any workaround??

    The previous version does not have that error.

    Thank you.

    • - 2009-03-07

      Hi wmsxx

      I found the error and fixed it. I'll bring on a fixed version the next days.
      Till then, you can use the "Add command arguments" and add there "--xs-search-window=1:1 " with 1 the numbers.

      greez Schmoffel

    • Walter Schacht

      Walter Schacht - 2009-03-08

      Thank you
      It works


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