Splitting Points and Settings

  • Zirni

    Zirni - 2008-09-09


    I have just found your project because I was searching for a GUI to Streamripper. I now have tried it a few days and first at all: nice work!

    But I havent found an option to adjust the splitting point settings? So sometimes I got tracks that have a few wrong seconds at the beginning or ending.

    When I tried streamripper from the commandline I found the possibility to adjust this by "offset"!?!

    I have got another point to think about:
    - Performance of GUI: When opening something like the file browser it sometimes takes too long to open elements

    best regards (from Germany)

    • - 2008-09-10


      Nice to hear that you like it.

      Yes. In version 0.3.0 Stripper dont support all option offered by streamripper. In this week a first beta of version 0.4 will come out and there are all option implemented. So you either wait these days or you check you the svn version and compile it yourself. The code for the beta is done, but icons are still missing. It should work.

      To the other point:
      What do you mean with "elements"? Parts of Stripper or opening extern programms?
      And witch version of Stripper and witch OS do you use?


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