We are currently using Stripes 1.4.3 and while writing some unit tests covering expression validation I stumbled over the problem described in http://www.nabble.com/Re:-testing-stripes-td9957968.html


I wonder if this implemented in Stripes 1.5 as mentioned in the quote below from the email conversion referenced above?


Thanks in advance for answering this question.  -- Andreas




The short answer to your question is that in the current version of  
Stripes there really is no good way to unit test the expression  
validation in actions.  In order to keep the dependency count down,  
we elected to use a trick to get a JSP expression parser from the  
container - but the Mock container for unit testing doesn't support  
this, and so it won't work.

If it's important to you to be able to unit test your beans 100%,  
then I'd suggest you not use the expression validation.  Note that  
all this does right now though is disable the expression validations  
- everything else should work fine.  I'd like to look into fixing  
this for Stripes 1.5, but that won't help you in your current situation.