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Nikolaos Giannopoulos wrote:

I wanted to offhand thank everyone who provided insight and tips on how to resolve this issue.  As Ben, Aaron and Frank pointed out there is a disconnect between Spring initialization and the Stripes filter initialization.  After a lot of googling and listening to advice and some great code out on the Internet I have a solution that I am happy with.   Project uses JPA + Spring + Stripersist + Hibernate + other stuff....

Problem Description:
Leverage @SpringBean, @Service, @Repository, @Autowire, etc... annotations with minimal ApplicationContext.xml configuration (just component scans) AND have Spring beans perform post-creation initialization that involves making calls through Stripersist without throwing exceptions e.g. initializing DAO's that provide pick lists... .

Problem Overview:
Placing the following in web.xml results in Spring reading the ApplicationContext.xml and wiring of Spring defined and annotated beans...

However Stripersist is only initialized - much later - once the StripesFilter is initialized and moreover that will only occur on initial request filter processing therefore performing any sort of initialization that depends on Stripersist in the a Spring bean's constructor OR in in a @PostConstruct OR whatever will result in possible exceptions as Stripersist has not had its init(config) method invoked yet to initialize itself.

2 Solution Alternatives:
#1  Somehow force Stripersist to have its init(config) method invoked PRIOR to Spring initialization.

#2  Somehow perform delayed initialization on the beans that would like to initialize themselves AFTER Spring and Stripersist init

Solution #1 - "the easy solution"
A rather simple way to do this is to define a bean at the top of ApplicationContext.xml that simply calls a class with the following code in its constructor:
        (new Stripersist()).init((Configuration) null);  

Null is passed in above as normally one would pass in StripesFilter.getConfiguration() however as the Stripes Filter has not been initialized yet the result is null anyways along with a debug logging exception being harmlessly displayed.

However this has a few drawbacks besides being a kludge... the primary one being that when Stripersist gets its chance to initialize as part of the Stripes Filter initialization... persistence.xml, entity manager factories et al. will ALL be recreated a 2nd time which is quite expensive... not to mention Stripersist will spew a NullPointerException we should trap around the code above.

Despite the drawbacks... the above will allow our @PostConstruct method to call Stripersist methods and all is well... though the solution is clearly a dirty hack...

Solution #2 - "the longer IMHO more elegant solution"
There are MANY ways to do this I simply present ONE way....

Create a new annotation called say @DelayedInitialize that is associated with the methods in the Spring beans that need to say call Stripersist or anything e.g.:
    public void initService() {
        List<Modality> modalityList = this.modalityDao.findAll();
        this.modalityCache = new ModalityCache();

Include the following line in ApplicationContext.xml to make sure the @DelayedInitializerRunner listens to ApplicationEvent's:
        <bean id="delayedInitializer" class="" />

Have this annotation's runner listen to Spring ContextRefreshedEvent (which means that Spring has finished building its Application Context BUT does not mean that Stripes Filter OR transitively Stripersist has initialized yet) and retain methods annotated with this annotation in a static list.  Also this annotation's runner should allow for a static initializeNow() method call that simply iterates over the static list and fires the annotated methods.

A REALLY useful piece of code to use to model this is provided here and provides the framework for a similar premise... adding @PostInitialize to Spring:
(Thanks to Baruch Sadogursky and zvizvi for putting this code together)

Lastly, how to trigger this delayed initialization.  Well one could create a dummy filter to run after Stripes filter but an even easier solution is leveraging a hook allowed for by Stripersist itself which essentially allows custom init code to be executed as the last step of Stripersist init(config).  The class is simply as follows:

    public class StripersistDelayedInitialize implements StripersistInit{
        public void init() {

So here is what happens in a nutshell:

a) Spring creates the Application Context leveraging ApplicationContext.xml and Spring beans are created and wired...

b) Once the Context is created Spring fires the ContextRefreshedEvent ApplicationEvent which is picked up by our DelayedInitializerRunner and invokes code that finds all the @DelayedInitialize annotations and creates a static list of those method calls

c) Stripes Filter initializes and as part of that initialization Stripersist initializes and as part of that initialization our simple class triggers the initializeNow method statically on our DelayedInitializerRunner which causes the static list of methods to call to be invoked one by one

Lastly, although the @DelayedInitialize is being used in the context of code that needs to execute AFTER Stripersist is initialized the code is generic enough that it could be used for other purposes as well... i.e. wherever any methods that need to be called at some later point in time is involved.

Thanks Again to everyone who responded!