Shoutcast stinks

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Shoutcast parsing broke today. If you want to see the stations again, go into settings > plugins and enable " PyQuery parsing". This will at least bring the listings back. The radio station homepages are missing however. has removed links to the stations homepages. No idea if that's coming back. But right now this also breaks the favicon display. (Could be worked around using Google, but that would be really really really slow.)

    So, maybe the next version of ST2 might come with a new default channel plugin. Please vote, if you know a better alternative.

  • Mario Salzer

    Mario Salzer - 2010-07-26 didn't bring homepage links back, and appearantly there were too few user complaints.

    To work around the missing homepage problem, they are now deduced from station titles (which often mention Xyz.FM or www.something…).

    Additionally on pressing play, the homepage gets automatically googled, if missing.

  • David Rosenstrauch

    Is the shoutcast module broken?  It seems to be mixing up the stations.

    I go into Shoutcast -> Alternative, sort by # listerners, click on " The Buzz (bitrate 128)" and hit play.  But it plays idobi radio.  Then if I sort by Station title and repeat it plays a different station.

    Any ideas?  Incorrect parsing?

  • David Rosenstrauch

    Actually, parsing is fine.  (After I refresh.)  The sorting appears to be the issue.

    Although it sorts fine visually, when I try to play one of the streams it plays the wrong one.

  • Mario Salzer

    Mario Salzer - 2010-09-18

    You're right it's really mixed up.
    The internal row numbering and the gtk selection results don't match, once gtk resorts the entries.

    I could do the lazy thing and disable the sorting ,-) or I'll find out how the ordering really works…

  • David Rosenstrauch

    Thanks for looking into this!  Wish I could help, but I'm not a python developer.  :-(

    And thanks for taking over development on the streamtuner app too, by the way.  I've been using the app daily for years, but had recently been facing the prospect of giving it up since it had fallen into such disrepair.  I was even mulling over the prospect of writing a web based version.  Glad I won't have to give it up (or write one myself)!

    BTW, I have some feature/bug fix suggestions, if you're interested.  Do you have a bug tracker for the project that I can file them on?

  • Mario Salzer

    Mario Salzer - 2010-09-21

    Thanks! I've also used Streamtuner1 for quite a while, and as it always was the best option for radio playing, it frustrated me enough to do something about it. My first real python app, btw.

    I'm too lazy to maintain a separate bug tracker. I might set up a Fossil however (instead of Sourceforge SVN + Tracker). But for now it's probably a good idea to add feature suggestions / bug lists / and wish lists in this forum here. Just make up a new thread and start up a list. So we have a reference, and for changes it's sometimes a good idea to have a discussion around it / related suggestions.

  • David Rosenstrauch

    will do - tnx!

  • Brendan Jones

    Brendan Jones - 2010-12-02

    Further to my post above, if this can't be fixed in the short term, I'd recommend making shoutcast optional, as long as there are ways to create bookmarks via URL's (is there a way? I haven't found it yet). Yell out if you need some help.

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Update to Streamtuner 2!!-Much better!!

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    shoutcast listings are completely mixed up on 2.0.8 right now. Also sorting results in xiph messes them up. press refresh to fix

    looks like the author got stuck on how to fix this, as it requires a re write of some of the code to make it use best practices in python. i hope that he can pick up form where he left off, otherwise this project should be handed to someone else to continue imo

    to create a favourite, bookmark an existing channel and edit the info!

    i hope some progress can me made to fix the bugs and also make the gui look less like a toy!

    thanks for continuing with this great o/s project :-)

    using this on osx with python 2.7.2 and getting a few errors on boot, such as :-

    Please install the packages python-lxml and python-pyquery from your distributions software manager.

    so this might be why i am having the xiph sorting problems, not an expert!

    however, my dad uses ubuntu 11 with this and his shoutcast is totally messed up

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous - 2012-10-18

    I looked into the issue of incorrect stations coming up from selecting them in the table.

    I think there are 2 things going on here.

    1) If you aren't using pyQuery parsing, there seems to be some parsing errors.  To enable pyQuery parsing, go to  Edit->Properties->Channel Plugins and check Use more reliable PyQuery…

    Now the issue with doing that is that it still won't run unless the proper packages are installed on your computer.   I know this because I did not have the proper packages installed and only noticed that I didn't from the messages that came forth during a debugging session in my IDE.  (PyDev)  

    To use the pyQuery functionality, you need to have python-pyquery and python-lxml installed.   If you don't, Streamtuner will proceed without using pyQuery parsing.

    2.) There is an issue with Treestore not having the correct row in Liststore after you've done a sort.  You can get around this issue by not sorting the data or by reloading the data (with the Reload button) if you accidentally do.

    As far as actually fixing the bug, it appears to me that if one added a column to Treeview that contained the original index into Treestore and accessed the data using that index, that you'd get the correct data no matter what order the Treeview data is in.  However, I am not an expert in such matters.  

    I think the fix is as simple as adding the index into the Treeview structure and filling it as Treeview is filled and then dereferencing the index to get the proper (Treestore) row every time that that "row" is accessed.

    If someone wants to comment on that approach and approve it, I'll have a go at implementing it, in my spare time.

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous - 2012-10-18

    "There is an issue with Treestore not having the correct row in Liststore after you've done a sort. "

    This should read "There is an issue with TreeVIEW not having the correct row in TREEstore after you've done a sort.

    Sorry for the confusion.

  • Luis Felipe Abad Guzmán

    Currently it seems, after installing this version and the recommended libraries, that the list is sorted by number of listeners in descending order, just like the web interface to shoutcast. So if you have sorted your stations list by anything else, you'll have the url from the sort-by-listeners station in that same row. You can let the sort-by-listeners as the default, and then search for your station based on that. just try to keep your number of fetched stations reasonably low.

    I hope there's a way to improve streamtuner2 on this. I loved the streamtuner plugin for Audacious when it included Shoutcast support, and hadn't found anything to replace in a long time.


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