Suggestion: ST2 as a web app?

  • David Rosenstrauch

    Total wish-list here, but ever think of rewriting this as a web app?  Would obviously be useful for people individually.  But the multi-user/social aspects of it could be really cool too.  i.e., sharing favorite station lists, communities/forums around particular stations, etc.  It'd be like shoutcast, but with social networking capabilities.

  • Mario Salzer

    Mario Salzer - 2010-09-21

    Actually, yes that was an idea. Because ST2 allows exporting all data as JSON it could be easily reused for AJAX and web apps. You had to take care however, that repiping Shoutcast listings is bordering on copyright issues (even if they are auto-generated, and thus not copyright protected under EU law for example).

    Factually also, there is already a web app. I've written a micro web app, which acts as proxy web site for streamtuner1.
    So technically an option, the CLI backend specifically enables it already to be used for such purposes. But sure, you'd need more around features then to make it interesting.


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