#2 Bug report for Stream Ripper X


i've got an iMac DV 600Mhz and 384MB RAM. I use SRX v.1.0


• I started ripping Songs from 1 station and i worked
great. but now i can't rip songs from other stations.
only the first one works.

• the "play in iTunes" button doesn't work. command +l
or over the menu works.

• the window is not resizeable !! add this !!! if you
move the URL heading far to the right, it gets hidden
and you can only see the first letters.

• make it possible to rip the streams in a better
bitrate (at last 192 would be great)

that's it. keep improving it ! looks very good !



  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    i forgot one thing:

    if i want to rip the songs from this adderss



  • Wai (Simon) Liu

    Wai (Simon) Liu - 2002-07-29
    • assigned_to: nobody --> ruffnex
  • Wai (Simon) Liu

    Wai (Simon) Liu - 2002-07-29

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    - Currently SRX can only rip from one radio station at a time. This is
    a limitation which should be addressed in the next release.
    - Don't understand why the "play" button would fail, yet the
    command-key option or menu option works fine. Could you please
    tell me the exact steps that are causing this to fail?
    - Window resizing - point taken. Can't promise anything as it will
    affect the rest of the GUI...
    - The bitrate of the streams is dependent on the radio station
    broadcasting the stream. Most radio stations seem to max out at
    128 kbps, which is good quality, but certainly not as good as
    encoding with say -r3mix mode (LAME, VBR, upto 196 kbps) which
    sounds good.
    - http://www.shoutcast.com/sbin/tunein-station.phtml?id=5461:
    playlist.pls <--- I will look into this for you

    Thanks for your comments IneX, and keep the feedback coming.

    Simon Liu

  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    the thing with the "SR_HEADE_BLA_BLA_BLA" does not happen all the
    time. sometimes it works, sometimes not... i guess it could be a
    problem by the radio station... i don't know

    i found out (i guess because it makes more sense) that the bitrate can
    just be as high as the sation's bitrate is ;-)

    just wanted to tell you that. thx


  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    i just want to say that i agree with adding window resizing

    ...that is the major irritant of this app. otherwise it's doing great for
    me so far.

  • Wai (Simon) Liu

    Wai (Simon) Liu - 2002-11-05
    • status: open --> closed-fixed

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