ID3v2.4 and UTF-8

  • S G

    S G - 2012-12-13


    The other day, I ran into an odd problem with the ID3v2 tags of files containing non-ASCII characters. In order to tag files with non-ASCII characters in title/artist/etc. correctly, I had set codeset_id3 to UTF-8 (along with codeset_metadata, codeset_relay, and codeset_filesys).  On every program I can think of on my computer (id3v2, vlc, mplayer, file, exfalso, etc), these tags show up correctly, but on my music player (a Clip+ with Rockbox) the tags were being interpreted incorrectly, as if they were ISO-8859-1.  Upon further inspection, the ID3v2 tags are generated as ID3v2.3, even when the codeset_id3 is set to UTF-8, which only ID3v2.4 supports.

    For now, I've been specifying UTF-16 as my codeset_id3, but it seems that an easy fix would be to specify the exact id3v2 version based on codeset during tagging, as setting UTF-8 now results in strictly incorrect tags.


  • Gerald

    Gerald - 2012-12-17

    Thanks for posting this. I have the same problem and it has been driving me crazy. I will try your solution.


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