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2 Streams at the same time and same filename

  • SvRu

    SvRu - 2011-02-05


    when I rip several streams in several DOS-boxes at the same time and 2 of the radio stations ( send the same songname, one of the Streamripper-instances reports the message: "error -36 " and shut down. Reason: The first instance works normal but the second can't write a file with the same name on the same place as long as the first instance this does.
    Would it be possible to build a new option for command line to configure the incomplete-folder? It is always under the destination-folder and several destination-folders are not so good for further processing into my music collection..



  • xp99

    xp99 - 2011-02-05

    Just set a different destination directory for each radio station.  I would be doing that already if I was in your situation.

  • SvRu

    SvRu - 2011-02-06

    I know this way. But different incomplete-folders would be a better way for me. Files with the same name are proper in one folder sorted with number of version (Option: Overwrite tracks in complete - Make version).



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