Anonymous - 2012-08-28

I ran into a problem running the winamp plugin.
I set the 'Overwrite tracks in Complete' option to 'make version.'
This works as expected, it creates numbered versions of duplicate mp3 files in complete folder.
song (1).mp3
song (2).mp3

However, all of files are being created with the same exact 'creation time' (for the dups & also the original).
Is this by design, or some kind of OS issue? Im on windows 7…

This is a big problem since it completely screws up my playlist order.
Im ripping a shoutcast station that crossfades all of its tracks, so I need to keep all of the versions of a given song, since parts of the previous & next song will most likely be merged into each file due to the crossfade.
So, I need to sort my playlist by 'file creation time'  in order to get an accurate order of how the songs were ripped.

I might have 'song.mp3' as '#25' in the ripping order, while 'song (1).mp3' is actually '#300' in the ripping order…
Since they both have the exact same 'file creation time', I cant sort by time and the playlist order gets screwed up.
Trying to sort by 'track number' doesnt help in my case, since the numbering restarts each time Im forced to restart the stream ripping process (due to a computer restart, winamp crash, etc.); After a ton of restarts, there are actually a bunch of song files with duplicate track numbers.

So this is both a question about the 'file creation' issue, as well as a 'feature request' for some kind of 'absolute ordering' option that can be applied to a given 'rip config'…i.e., give the user the option to 'rip a given station as part of some global/persistent rip session/config, and order all ripped files absolutely relative to that rip session' make sense? I bet this would be easy to scripted with the linux CLI version, but we need something for the winamp plugin/windows version.