no song name but folder name

  • Damien

    Damien - 2012-12-21

    Hi all,

    I used a previous version of streamripper and had no problem at all. Now I'm using the streamripper for winamp v1.64.4 on Windows 7 and it seems it doesn't do what it should : the song does have no name after ripping.
    I mean : in the option menu, the pattern is : %S/%A - %T/%a
    So when streamripper starts ripping, it creates a folder with the name of the stream and a sub-folder called "incomplete".
    When the incomplete songs are finished (ripped), they stay with the proper name into the incomplete folder, just as it must be.
    But when the complete songs are finished, they don't go with a proper name into the stream folder. Streamripper creates a new folder for each song with the name of the song and artist. And the song name into the folder is always ".mp3"
    I tried different pattern and almost all file options in the option menu but nothing changes.
    Any idea?

  • Damien

    Damien - 2012-12-27

    So, if you do not want to reinstall a previous version of streamripper, here is a solution :

    You can download Ant Renamer ( and renaming the files with the automatic idtag process or use the "insert chain"based on the parent folder name process to do so. After that, you just need to make a research on te parent's folders concerned and copy-past the audio files listed at the end wherever you want. And finally you can delete the empty folders.
    Thanks to myself for the answer.


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