outsider2000 - 2007-06-08

Sorry for that strong subject description, but let me explain my standpoint.

I use Streamripper over long time (many many years) und was very very happy about the functionality.
But now if I compare the current version with the first one which I started to use for many years - the difference is marginal!!!
I'm almost sure, that all changes over this long time could be made within a couple of WEEKS(!!!).

I saw many wishes in this forum regarding new features - but the each "new" Version seem to be the same as the previous one (not to mention the release number).

Hopefully all my speculation are wrong and I hope for a better time for the Streamripper and really(!!!) new versions.

Anyway - it is best winamp plugin (in my eyes), but it could be much better...
best regards to the developer - please do your best!

P.S. Sorry for my english - I hope it is understandable.