Win7, Winamp. Can´t see SR window

  • Schnirpfl

    Schnirpfl - 2011-06-26

    Since a while, I can´t see the SR window. Only the taskbar-Icon, where I can start it and change the options (works) is viewable. Uninstalled an installed the actual version but does not work. Any Ideas. Thanks in advance.

  • Joachim Lippold

    Joachim Lippold - 2011-06-26

    Perhaps you can try an old classic skin for winamp.

    Does the window show up when you just launch wstreamripper.exe (without winamp)?

    If nothing helps you can still use other frontends to Streamripper like Streamtastic (dev build) or Streamripstar.

    Regards Joe

  • Schnirpfl

    Schnirpfl - 2011-06-28

    Hi Joe, thx for your reply. Skinchanging didn´t work. WStreamripper also can´t be seen. Uninstalling Winamp/Streamripper did not work too and the alternatives are not realy ones for me, because I will start it with winamp…


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