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  • Jordi Catalán

    Jordi Catalán - 2009-03-31

    Hi all,

    I've trying to rip the stream from getting rid of part of the metadata, but regular expressions are nearly impossible for me. :(

    I need to delete all from the first * character. For example:
    Ronski Speed - The Space We Are  * Rate The Music at * (Music One - Today's Dance -

    This is the url:

    Any help? Thanks in advance.

    • Arjen Bax

      Arjen Bax - 2009-04-02

      m/ *\*.*$/e

      will erase starting at zero or more spaces ' *' followed by a literal asterisk '\*' followed by zero or more characters '.*' until the edn of the line '$'.
      'Zero or more' must be interpreted in the sense 'at least zero, but as much as possible'.

    • Jordi Catalán

      Jordi Catalán - 2009-04-04

      Thanks, but it give me an error.

      Anyway, it put me on trace. At last I found the following valid expression:

  • snowman

    snowman - 2012-09-26

    gregsharp, please, I can not figure out which line must be in parse rules if my output file is that :
    - Culture Club - text=-Do You Really Want To Hurt Me- song_spot=-M- MediaBaseId=-0- itunesTrackId=-17522982- amgTrackId=-0- amgArtistId=-0- TAID=-30014- TPID=-432532- cartcutId=-0760416001-    (with -w parse_rulex.txt)
    thanks for you're time


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