KeepSong was the wrong script! The working:

  • Murat Bezel
    Murat Bezel

    Well, mea culpa, I uploaded on old "Start watching Streamripper Folder"-script and that was not working.

    Anyway, now it's the right one and really works as promised.

    • Murat Bezel
      Murat Bezel

      KeepSong consists of 3 scripts, where "Start watching Streamripper Folder.vbs" monitors the directory Streamripper is recording to. It keeps deleting the recorded songs unless the user invokes KeepSong.vbs while a song is being ripped. In that case after the song has finished it is moved to a "kept songs"-folder that can be specified in "Start watching Streamripper Folder.vbs"

      The third script is simply "Stop watching Streamripper Folder.vbs"

      I still plan to finish the setup-script but here is how it works now:

      Extract all three scripts to "C:\Programs\KeepSong" for example.

      Open "Start watching Streamripper Folder.vbs" and edit the  two directory-entries according to your setup. The first one must be the same as entered in Streamripper and the second is the one where songs will land when kept.
      Streamripper has to record directly to the directory, i. e. no subdirectory with the name of the stream. To achieve this you must go the settings of streamripper and enter as the pattern "%A - %T" otherwise Streamipper will create a subdirectory.

      I have a shortcut to "Start watching Streamripper Folder.vbs" in my Startup-Folder so that it starts together with windows. A way to switch between KeepSong and Continuous mode is to leave one folder to be the temporary folder for KeepSong and change to another folder in streamripper for continious recording.

      The easiest, yet useful place for KeepSong is the Start-Menu. Just pin it there by dragging "KeepSong.vbs".

      The website of TrayCommander Lite that I recommended is now reported an attack-site by Google and does not seen am option anymore. I'm sure there are other programs that allow the same.

      I have KeepSong.vbs on the dock of ObjectDock from Stardock what therefore would be my actual recommonendation.

      For any questions:

  • klo

    Where can this script be found?

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