• gr8mtl

    gr8mtl - 2010-07-02

    Hi,  just installed the 1.64.6 version for Windows (I have windows 7 ultimate, 64 bits) and each time I try to record internet radio in Winamp (version 5.58 PRO) I receive the following message in a Windows message window:   SR_ERROR_INVALID_URL

    I only have an antivirus (Panda Cloud) that I deactivate to try if the result would be different but No.

    Any idea what I could  be?  thanks

  • Anonymous - 2010-10-21

    what url you use?

  • Sharon Freitag

    Sharon Freitag - 2011-01-15

    I am also having the same problem. Just updated from Vista to Windows 7 today and am having the same trouble. Not sure how to find out waht the url is of the two stations I am trying to listen to.

  • Garr

    Garr - 2011-05-02

    If you right click on the stream click "View file info" (Alt +3)  It will give you the URL And port, copy and paste that into StreamRipper.  Hope this helped

  • Mavennewbern

    Mavennewbern - 2012-09-27

    I was having the same problem (using Winamp)  and this was my solution. Within Winamp I went into options/preferences and then navigated to plug-ins/general purpose, where I enabled Streamripper.  I have yet to test it, but I am assuming this must be done every time.  I hope this helps any future problems. 

    Streamripper v1.64.6
    Winamp v5.63 (x86) Freeware Edition


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