I'm running the latest StreamRipper (1.64.6) under Windows 7 x64.., and the latest Winamp (5.601). I've had this problem for abotu a year now.. The Winamp tab in the Taskbar only shows 1 character… Scrolling or Not..  I've had this problem with the last few versions of Winamp..

I read somethign about uninstalling older input plugins.. removed 1 or 2.. with no luck..  but I thought to uninstall StreamRipper because it's basically the ONLY extra plugin I use..  Sure enough.. With it uninstalled, the song/title display in the taskbar is normal..

Any solutions to this? I know others have had this issue but I cant seem to find a resolution that keeps StreamRipper installed..   I've tried other programs in the past and SR is the simplest and the best..

Please Help…  Thanks