It's alive/CVS nuking

streamcast/stream-db are not dead projects, work has begun to refactor both projects into a single project that can function with or without database support. The current versions of both scripts no longer work with the latest versions of the module (version 2). Along with this glaring incompatability, many other feature requests and modifications have been collected over the years that both projects have been around. I will definitely try to incorporate all the changes I have, but if I missed something, feel free to let me know (see below about discussion group).

In preparation for the new code, I've asked the Sourceforge admins to wipe the existing CVS trees clean. I have backups of the CVS trees for both projects stored, if you want them, contact me and I will send you a URL where you can download them.

No timeline is in place for any new releases, but a Google Group has been set up for discussion/gripes/bug reports on the existing software.


Brian (spicyjack)

Posted by Brian Manning 2005-09-15

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