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This project will probably not be continued. I don't see me having the time to rewrite it, though I wish to.

Posted by Stephan Wiesner 2002-05-26

Poor Student

No, no, I'm not looking for money. Well, always, but not here :-)
Just no time to make any progress at the moment.
I AM using the program as my default mailer, though and will continue working on it.


Posted by Stephan Wiesner 2001-10-12

No Update this sunday

Sorr, don't think I will manage to deliver a stable version tonight.
Will work some more on it tonight and post it tomorrow, after some more testing. Late night programming tends to lead to errors :-)

Posted by Stephan Wiesner 2001-09-23

Beta1 is buggy

Discovered some serious bugs in the Beta1 (exscpecially when receiving mails with attachements from Netscape). I do not recommend to use it for productive systems! Will fix it next weekend.
Sorry, don't have the time to do it during the week.

Posted by Stephan Wiesner 2001-09-18

Alpha 9

We now have a working (but still basic) calendar.<br>
We now have about all the functionallity I wanted, although some are still very basic.<br>
Next step will bring us to Beta level and improvements of what we have.<br>
Of course you can make wishes for additional features and I'll consider them . . .

Posted by Stephan Wiesner 2001-09-09

Release Alpha 7

A lot of improvements, again. <br>
Removed the graphics from the docu, so the download is much smaller.<br>
Still lacking the calendar module, will try to do that next weekend.

Posted by Stephan Wiesner 2001-09-06

Next Release

I'll try to release a new version on every sunday evening (german time).<br>
If you read that the program can now do this and that it is always the working version I have on my desk. YOU will have to ait for next sunday, though . . .

Posted by Stephan Wiesner 2001-09-06

Release Alpha 5

A lot of bugfixes and new features went into SToffelMail this weekend.
I'm using it as my productive system now, so it got a lot more userfriendly.

Removed the Jar files from Sun Microsystems, so the download is smaller for those who already have them.

SToffel, Sunday, 02.09.2001

Posted by Stephan Wiesner 2001-09-02

The Start

Just posted version alpha 1.1
I don't recommend to use it for a productive environment, yet. Use it for fun and on your own risk!

Posted by Stephan Wiesner 2001-08-31