Stock Monster.

Stock Monster is a system of programs developed to give a trading edge. The system comprises of 3 main parts

1 - Data collection.

Data is collected from multiple sources and stored in a defined rdbms. Currently the project uses a combination of MySQL and Sqlite.

2 - Data Viewing and reporting.

Data can be graphed, viewed and or displayed in any other form that makes it easier for the trader to make more informed decisions.

3 - Data Analysis.

Data is analysed through algorithms to predict an outcome, filter objects or determine probability of a trades potential return.

Originally developed in 2005 by a group of programmer/traders, Stock monster has had 3 major rewrites. The latest began in January 2015. I have been the programmer for all 3, Charles was the stock market guru who has since unfortunately died ( RIP ) and Warren left trading to enjoy other activities. All versions of Stock monster have been a financial success and have resulted in a ROI greater than trading without it when measured against pre and post trades.

The latest rewrite differs significantly in the way the database is managed. Data is grouped tighter around it's key company, however abstract data has been grouped into tables, allowing for better searching and to offload more work to the database. Also user data will be more readily accepted and analysed to fully explore bot potential. This will lead to the program almost becoming a personal finance manager, something we tried to do in the past, but quickly became too cumbersome.

In essence, i am looking at a full 12 month rewrite and to go online around November this year.

I will begin posting on sourceforge as i once did to hopefully get some interest in like minded people.

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