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New rewrite.

I am resurrecting this project again finally.

I have been using the old stock monster in it's beta form for trading for a few years now. It suited it's purpose, but i have outgrown it. It needs some fresh code and it needs to be streamlined. The tons of code that exist in it that are never executed need to be culled and finally the whole philosophy needs to be attacked.

I have a rough plan now and i'll be updating the website again soon to reflect this,

Posted by Dave 2010-07-08

StockMonster 2 Pre Beta 1

This is my new stockmonster program. It is essentially a rewrite of my original, but a lot better. It will continue to grow as i haven't yet implemented all the features i had in the original.

I have come back to sourceforge after a while, just to test it out.

I really would like help on this project, but if i don't get any then i will revert back to going solo. Sourceforge tends to eat up good coding time.

Posted by Dave 2009-04-05

New version Alpha Release

This is StockMonster 2008 Alpha release 13 June 2008.

I am going to start reusing the old project from sourceforge.

for all developers and prospective helpers, email me to get the programming notes.


Posted by Dave 2008-06-13

Help wanted


This is to anyone who wishes to make money trading on the stockmarket. Now that i have your attention, this program has huge potential and i have it all mapped out in my head, having worked on it on and off for quite a few years now. There is no other program that is aiming to store and share financial data like this one, so it is unique. I also want to use it for graphing and for analysis. The goal is to make money on the financial markets.... read more

Posted by Dave 2007-04-29

Database structure finalised

I have finally completed the database structure for the new program. A lot of issues from the first program have been resolved and hopefully we haven't introduced any new complications.

Next stage is to develop a set of database utilities to create the structure and ini files, kind of like a setup program.

Posted by Dave 2006-10-02

Project back up and running

Well i dumped this project for a few months now. The resource sector took off so i spent my spare time concentrating on that instead. It earns me money so it has priority.

Anyway i've learned a lot and i think it's time to rehash a lot of stuff. This project will probably end up going through a small rewrite over the next month or two

Posted by Dave 2006-05-28

Alpha Due 1st Feb 2006

The Alpha version of the program is due out tentatively on the 1st of feb.

This version will be MySQL only with a fixed database and available on Windows only. Although it is all in wxWidgets with NO Windows code ( except for 1 line ) so it should be a doddle to port.

Alpha Program features will be -

- View companies in the database.
- View Histories for those companies.
- Download and store quotes from Yahoo.
- Convert the quotes into Metastock format.... read more

Posted by Dave 2006-01-08

CVS Up and running

Today i got the CVS up and running. It seems the web CVS is a little slow to catch up, they must build the files off the server occassionally and not on demand.

Posted by Dave 2005-11-25

2 New Helpers. gu_fr and Swami

2 New helpers have joined the team.

gu_fr has kindly offered to do some technical writing for us.

Swami is a c++ enthusiast who's going to help write the project.

Posted by Dave 2005-11-25

New Developer .. GUPPY

I would like to welcome our first new developer "Guppy".

Guppy is a Linux man, so i'm going to try and con him into starting with the LINUX port and then moving on to more complex tasks really soon.

Posted by Dave 2005-11-22

Pre Pre Pre Alpha test file released

The released project doesn't really do anything other than a basic window, menu, dialog, buttons and text boxes.

It is intended that if you want to follow this project then download this and get it running. Will require wxWidgets

Posted by Dave 2005-11-21

stock-monster has arrived

Stock monster has arrived. I want to create a p2p network of financial information, stock market, forex etc. I believe this is an essential package that a lot of people are seeking and there is nothing like it anywhere.

the package will be able to download and store data on the users computer, with the ability to export to other protocols.

Posted by Dave 2005-11-11

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