#23 gmake build for bcc dlls


STLport 5.1 patch for bcc. This patch should enable
Borland 5.5 and 5.6 users to compile the three basic
STLport 5.1 dlls and import libs using the current
version of mingw32-make.exe on NT4, Win2K and XP
machines. This patch applies to the HEAD branch.

* build/lib/bcc.mak: Update bcc.mak to search
bcc 'include' and 'lib' directories if BCCDIR is
defined as windows environment variable.

* build/Makefiles/gmake/bcc.mak: Update OPT, LDFLAGS
and LDLIB definitions to avoid compiler warnings and
include required Borland import libraries.

* build/Makefiles/gmake/cygming/rules-so.mak: Add
commands to build STLport release-shared and stldbg-
shared libraries for bc55 and bc56.

* build/Makefiles/gmake/lib/bcc.mak: Update LDFLAGS
definitions to search LDSEARCH directory for Borland
library files.


  • esanfo

    esanfo - 2005-12-06

    bcc build patch (diff file)

  • Francois Dumont

    Francois Dumont - 2005-12-08
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  • Francois Dumont

    Francois Dumont - 2005-12-08
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