STLport 5.0.3 Bugfix Release

STLport 5.0.3 available for download.

General changes relative 5.0.2:
- few fixes related to print floats (possible buffer overflow);
- fix bug in list::swap;
- search_n with predicate fail in case when subsequence size is 1;
- fix missing null termination in rope constructor from a character and a buffer overrun;
- fix implementation of __equal_range, __lower_bound, __upper_bound when dealing with a key whom type is different from the value_type of the iterator;
- Modification of the slist::splice_after methods signature; one now have to pass the source slist instance, this is mandatory in order to compare the 2 slists allocator instance before moving an element from a slist instance to an other;
- fix hash_multimap behaviour when deal with same keys

Posted by Petr Ovtchenkov 2007-02-02

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