STLport 5.1.0 RC1

- Major modifications

* Folder architecture: All configuration files are now in stlport/stl/config folder.
stlport/stl_user_config.h renamed and moved as stlport/stl/config/user_config.h.
stlport/stl/_site_config.h renamed and moved as stlport/stl/config/hosts.h.
STLport configuration now also try to seperate platform configuration from compiler

* Allocators implementation is in src folder to enhance encapsulation. Default
allocator when using STLport without building it (_STLP_NO_IOSTREAMS) is the simple
new/delete based allocator, node allocator is the default when building the lib.

* Expression template for string concatenation is activated per default. Go to
user_config.h file to disable it.

* Access to native headers has been modified to make STLport less dependant on
native headers internal includes, should improve portability.

* Segregation of headers has been improved. You might have to add now missing
functional or algorithm Standard headers include in your code.

- Enhancements

* Support enhancements:
- Borland compilers starting with the free one (5.5.1)
- Visual Studio 2005 for Windows CE
- Digital Mars compiler (experimental)
- Use of intrinsic type traits support of Visual Studio 2005

* Improved meta programming techniques especially in uninitialized_* algorithms.
If you need a vector of null pointer prefer to write 'vector<void*> v(10)' rather
than 'vector<void*> v(10, (void*)0)'.

* Fully functional pointer specialization feature (_STLP_USE_PTR_SPECIALIZATIONS).

* Extension of template search methods in associative and hashed container has
been completed.

* STL safe mode: Now detect badly implemented strict weak ordering functors, assert
if a < b && b < a. Same for equivalent functor used in hash container implementation,
assert if a <=> b but !(b <=> a).

* Improved locale creation delay on Windows platform.

* STL containers implementation now correctly handle allocators with state. This kind
of allocator has to overload swap method if any specific action has to be made when
swaping 2 instances.

* STLport is ready for safe string functions *_s (_STLP_USE_SAFE_STRING_FUNCTIONS)

* Many bug fixes, see etc/ChangeLog.

Posted by Francois Dumont 2006-06-19

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