Since it didn't look like the original text of my message came through when I sent the revised version with the zipped patches, here it is (if the first message in the thread eventually goes through, too, then I apologize for the noise):

I assist with running Boost regression tests for STLport 5.2 on Visual C++ 9 for Windows and Windows CE 5.  In the course of doing this, I have come across a few minor STLport bugs related to this configuration.  I have also come up with a small set of C runtime library implementations that improve support for WIndows CE in some of the areas where the standard Windows CE CRT library omits functions.  Attached are a series of patches against the STLport 5.2 branch on git for your consideration.  The patches are the following:

1) Fixes for a couple of minor bugs related to _STLP_DEBUG_ALLOC on Visual C++.
2) Some minor fixes for padding in some of the time formatting options in time_facets.
3) Fixes for circular dependency issues with 'Use Boost Support' for the most recent Boost releases.
4) A set of additions to add simple C runtime functions for Windows CE.
5) Fix for a minor issue related to determining when the C library is in the global namespace vs. the std namespace.

Please let me know if there are any questions or concerns about these patches.

-Dave Deakins