bitset global tables

  • Andrey Semashev

    Andrey Semashev - 2007-10-11

    Hi, I have a minor proposal to improve the bitset global functions implementation, the ones that are defined in bitset.cpp. I've noticed that these functions employ static function-local tables as an optimization and I wonder why these tables are not constant. I heard that some platforms (ARM if my memory serves me right) may perform better if memory regions are marked read-only. Is it possible to make them const?

    • Petr Ovtchenkov

      Petr Ovtchenkov - 2007-10-11

      const qualifier hasn't any relation to read-only flag of memory page.

      • Andrey Semashev

        Andrey Semashev - 2007-10-12

        I realize it is compiler-dependant but const-qualification at least gives the compiler a chance to optimize.

    • Francois Dumont

      Francois Dumont - 2007-10-12

      If it doesn't cost anything I do not see why we wouldn't do that. I will check that.

    • Francois Dumont

      Francois Dumont - 2007-10-14

      Done in trunk, thanks.


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