WinCE build fails when OS version changed

  • GodfatherofSoul

    GodfatherofSoul - 2006-11-07

    Using RC3 source, I modified the make file to build for the 0x420 .NET version and got these errors:

            cl.exe /nologo /TP /W4 /GF /GR /EHsc  /GL /MT /Zi /O2  /FC /D_STLP_USE_D
    E" /wd 4430 /wd 4201 /wd 4214 /D "ARM" /D "_ARM_" /D "ARMV4" /DNDEBUG  /I "../..
    /stlport"  /c /Foobj\evc8-arm\shared\dll_main.o /Fd"obj\evc8-arm\shared\stlport_
    x.5.1.pdb" ../../src\dll_main.cpp
    d:\tmp\stlport\stlport-5.1.0\stlport\stl\_new.h(126) : error C2039: 'new_handler
    ' : is not a member of 'std'
    d:\tmp\stlport\stlport-5.1.0\stlport\stl\_new.h(126) : error C2868: 'new_handler
    ' : illegal syntax for using-declaration; expected qualified-name
    d:\tmp\stlport\stlport-5.1.0\stlport\stl\_new.h(127) : error C2039: 'set_new_han
    dler' : is not a member of 'std'
    d:\tmp\stlport\stlport-5.1.0\stlport\stl\_new.h(127) : error C2873: 'set_new_han
    dler' : symbol cannot be used in a using-declaration
    NMAKE : fatal error U1077: '"C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 8\vc\ce\bi
    n\x86_arm\cl.exe"' : return code '0x2'

    The compile completed (up to a linker error) when I reverted the version back to 0x500.  Any clues how to fix this?

    • Francois Dumont

      Francois Dumont - 2006-11-13

      Definition and position of new_handler and associated functions in std namespace or global namespace is something really unstable. Check where and under what condition it is defined in the library coming with your compiler you will then be able to fix STLport and send us a patch.


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