Bloat comparison: optimize STLPort size?

  • Mark Wigzell

    Mark Wigzell - 2008-04-16

    Hi, I downloaded STLport-5.1.5 a few days ago, ran a comparison build with _STLP_NO_IOSTREAMS defined. I used Microsoft's EVC sdk (Include/Armv4i) as a comparision, and also an old version of Dinkum that we use in our project.
    I was building CppUnit (another SourceForge offering) for the PocketPC in all cases.
    Here is the size of cppunit.lib (in bytes) for each build:
    dinkum: 1604774
    MS evc: 2046330
    Note that STLport is circa 1.5MB bigger than the dinkum build.
    The only difference in the build is due to using the alternate include directories.
    Perhaps I am doing an unfair comparison in some way? Believe me, I would *love* to switch to STLPort, but how can I justify it in view of the memory footprint?


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