• Dmitry Bond.

    Dmitry Bond. - 2006-07-07


    When building "eh" test on Fedora Linux (with gcc 4.1.0) it reports error like the:

      [root@fedora eh]# make -f gcc.mak
      eh/nc_alloc.cpp: In function 'void* operator new(size_t)':
      eh/nc_alloc.cpp:203: error: declaration of 'void* operator new(size_t)' throws different exceptions
      4.1.0/new:84: error: from previous declaration 'void* operator new(size_t) throw (std::bad_alloc)'
      eh/nc_alloc.cpp: In function 'void operator delete(void*)':
      eh/nc_alloc.cpp:243: error: declaration of 'void operator delete(void*)' throws different exceptions
      4.1.0/new:86: error: from previous declaration 'void operator delete(void*) throw ()'
      make: *** [obj/gcc/shared/nc_alloc.o] Error 1

    Problem can be solved by adding to "-DEH_DELETE_HAS_THROW_SPEC" to gcc.mak (to the like "DEFS += ").

    I experinced the same error in "eh" test since STlport 4.5.x, so it would be nice to mention this in README for "eh" test... please.


    • Francois Dumont

      Francois Dumont - 2006-09-08

      eh test suite needs a big effort to upgrade it to new STLport conventions like the build system. Even the code based on random need investigation to find out if it really needs random.


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