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Version 1.0 Release

I'm happy to announce today's newest release. A new feature just added last night now allows Sticky Note .NET to connect to the future and pull email that you've yet to receive and it also will pull out all of your future contacts! We're calling this feature April Fools!

Enjoy a fun day!

Posted by Matthew 2007-04-01

Back from Break...

I'm back from break and am back to work on the project. All devs please sign up for the mailing list (and those interested helping out with the project).

BTW when I say devs I don't mean programmers per say...I mean anyone working on anything having to do with this project.

Posted by Matthew 2007-04-01

Slight downtime...

I'm going on Spring Break and won't have my development machine with me :(. I will return next Sunday (3/31).

By the way I restored everything lost in my accident and have added 2 more developers. I am also working on getting a site setup. If you're interested please message me via Sourceforge for my contact info!

Posted by Matthew 2007-03-24

IRC Channels up and running

I've got 2 DALNet IRC channels up and running. is the server and the channels are: -> Our support channel -> Our developer's channel

both are guarded by TheFort (a bot). Developers please email me your IRC nickname and we'll add you to the bot's list. This way you can play op and whatnot if you wish.

Posted by Matthew 2007-03-10

Minor Setback...

An accident occurred today which caused the formatting of my data drive. Fortunately I still have all of the work I've done so far however I will need to reinstall Visual Studio 2005. My sincere apologies with the delay caused by this setback. Rest assured that I will be working very hard the next two days to get everything back to the way it should be. Thanks!

Posted by Matthew 2007-03-09

Almost Forgot!

I've updated the download pages with the updated cvs version of the file. Yes I know 02 is missing (there wasn't much in terms of changes to warrant the extra work). This is for version 0.01 of Sticky Note .NET and this is CVS update # 3 (hence why it's still considered 0.01 but the file name says it's 03).

To view today's other news post as well as info about the 03 update of the cvs version (changes, improvements, etc) please click on the following link. read more

Posted by Matthew 2007-03-07

More Updates on CVS

I didn't post descriptions in the CVS because there's been alot of changes. Instead I've decided to make a news posting.

I've started on the agenda part of the project and so far have added the calendar form and the Add Event Form (AEF). The AEF allows you to select a date on the calendar (at least once finished) and put in a title, description, and if it's private you can click a checkbox and then type in a password. Then that description will be encrypted so as to keep prying eyes out of your personal business. ... read more

Posted by Matthew 2007-03-07

Updates on CVS

I've updated the CVS (I'll upload the download for devs today sometime).

I've finished the fade effect for the sticky note form. I've also moved everything having to do with the fade effect to it's form instead of inside of the GUI. I figured this is a GUI thing and didn't need to be part of a module that will be used for functionality outside of the GUI (like formatting, encryption, etc).

Posted by Matthew 2007-03-03

Upload for developers

I've uploaded development files for those contributing to Sticky Note .NET who don't like using CVS. It contains the latest update from the CVS. This isn't considered an unstable release because we're not ready for bug checking and there is not much done.

If you are a developer who is interested in this project and wants to check out the code then this is for you!

If you are looking to run Sticky Note .NET please wait until release you see a release underneath the unstable branch (or if you wanna wait for an offical release check underneath the stable branch).... read more

Posted by Matthew 2007-02-26

New Developer

Please welcome a new developer to this project: BSIRQ.

Posted by Matthew 2007-02-26

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