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Jan Dvořák z Vozerovic

Sticky elements
Sticky elements is jQuery plugin usefull to keep all important data on the screen while scrolling. This plugin works in cascade as well, meaning that one element can stick after another already sticked element.

In near future, plugin will be upgraded to stick at bottom as well.


   create: $(selector).stickyElement(options);

   destroy: $(selector).stickyElement('destroy');


   stickAt: {'top' as default, 'bottom'} definition where to stick (header or footer)

   stickAfter: <selector> to another sticky element

   stickBefore: <selector> to another sticky element - in case of stick at the bottom

   margin: <int> offset from top of the screen on another sticky element

   container: container <selector> (usefull e.g. for tables)

   keepSpace: <bool> while sticky, insert empty div?

   zIndex: <int> layer of element when sticky is in progress

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