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Wiki on a Stick v0.9.3 Beta

Wiki on a Stick version 0.9.3 Beta has been released for testing and users experience feedback.

New features:

* introduced alternative equal sign '=' syntax for headers (WikiCreole compliance)
* introduced {{{ }}} nowiki syntax (WikiCreole compliant)
* converted Special::All Tags to Tagged::
* fixed import from v0.9.x
* horizontal rulers now accept more than 3 hyphens (WikiCreole compliance)
* support for external javascript through src attribute in <script /> tags
* support of scripts also active in the menu
* added search box to left menu
* added Creole 0.1 testcases
* implemented print preview mode
* implemented file embedding
* implemened raw file transclusion
* implemented images embedding
* internal marker gets automatically incremented after save
* more realistic password quality estimation
* implemented Special::Bootscript
* added "Loading..." message... read more

Posted by Daniel 2007-07-11

Wiki on a Stick v0.9 Beta released

Wiki on a Stick version 0.9 Beta has been released for testing and any other users' feedback.

Bug reports should be filed on the SourceForge bug tracker:


Please note that this is a BETA version, you should not yet use it for important data.


Posted by Daniel 2007-06-14

Beta testing of version 0.9

Wiki on a Stick (shortly WoaS) version 0.9 is in its beta testing stage; I would like to invite all interested users to download it from SVN (available also via HTTP from http://stickwiki.svn.sourceforge.net/viewvc/\*checkout*/stickwiki/trunk/stickwiki-v0.9BETA.htm ).

Bug reports should be filed on the SourceForge bug tracker:


Possibly specifying (0.9B) on the summary.
I also suggest to partecipate in discussion of the new or proposed features at our Google discussion group:... read more

Posted by Daniel 2007-04-05

Development restarted

I want to thank André Wagner for conferring me (legolas558) administrative rights for the Wiki on a Stick project, so I will soon continue the development on the subversion repository.

We have both agreed on the following base principles, that I will report here for clearness:

* will always be small and fast
* will always be self-contained (in one file, plus the external pictures)
* will always have a simple user interface
* will always be backward compatible with previous versions... read more

Posted by Daniel 2007-03-21

Version 0.04 released

A new version of Wiki on a Stick was released! Some changes from the last version:

* unicode support added
* tables support added
* bugfixes: multiple rulers in one document now work, dead pages
* search for orphaned pages (pages that exist but have no link to them anymore)
* fixed bug when importing documents from current version
* line saying when file was last modified added in the advanced page
* option to block editing added (to use WoaS as a webpage)
* added possibility to go directly to a page inside the wiki
* Opera support added (read-only)
* _Underline_ added... read more

Posted by Andre Wagner 2006-05-31

Version 0.03 released

A new version of 'Wiki on a Stick' is released, and now it supports Internet Explorer! Other new features include:

- bugs related to linebreaks in Linux corrected
- importing from a earlier version added - a page now can be deleted
- now a page title can have any character (like 15", for example)
- lots of small corrections

Posted by Andre Wagner 2006-04-25

Version 0.2 released

The version 0.2 is released. It is much more complete and stable than the first one.

A webpage for the project has also been released. (http://stickwiki.sourceforge.net)

Posted by Andre Wagner 2006-04-18

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