Wiki on a Stick 0.11.2 released

This is a feature enhancement release for WoaS 0.11.1; many thanks to Paul Levey and Littlegirl for patches, testing, documentation and general development support.

* fixed main page auto-override bug
* fixed 'Special::Go to' glitches
* fixed double-edit bug when editing some special pages
* added background color for core pages
* fixed bug which allowed deletion of reserved pages
* renamed all CSS classes to have 'woas_' prefix
* implemented safe mode option
* fixed native WSIF mode when running from webserver
* fixed issue 2980936 namespaces not being transcluded (reported by littlegirl)
* fixed issue 2981069 glitch when editing menu (reported by deroock)
* fixed WSIF import issue with WoaS:: pages
* configurable and custom access keys
* preliminary support for section anchors in querystring page requests
* fixed import issue related to 'var' declarations inside content pages (found by deroock)
* converted source code from array notation to dot notation (pvhl)
* fixed help pages browsing issue with IE (deroock)
* some optimizations/bugfixes (pvhl)

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For a full list of changes, see

Posted by Daniel 2010-04-12

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