Re-align in other corners?

Crend King
  • Crend King

    Crend King - 2009-01-17

    Hello! Thanks for the great program. I have several suggestions for Stickies.

    I used numbers of note softwares. Many of them lack one of more useful features while other software have. It is difficult to find a perfect one. One feature I think useful it randomly assign background color for new stickies. This help user easily distinguish different notes. Stickies has function to assign background color, but not randomly choose. Thus every time user create a sticky, they need to open the preference window, choose one color scheme, copy, and OK. Sounds boring. Since this is a easy function, I hope the creator could adopt.

    Another feature is re-align. It is a common habit for people to keep desktop tidy, and so to the stickies. I usually keep all notes and the bottom-right corner. However I have to manually move every new sticky to the corner, next to some existed sticky. Thanks to the latch feature, this routine has become much easier, but still boring. Meanwhile, I usually switch different monitors, which have different sizes (laptop monitor is small while the monitor in my office is large). The bottom-right corner in my laptop monitor is almost the center of my office monitor. If there is a re-align function that automatically reorder all stickies to the bottom-right, that's wonderful! (I know there is a re-align function, defined in sticky.cpp, but it only for top-left corner. Maybe the creator can make a drop down menu to let user choose which corner to align).

    Some small improvement might apply to Stickies too. Every note is a window, and have border. I think the border is good to be disappeared, leaving only content of the note (title and body) on screen. I suppose this is a legacy problem. Also, is it possible to make gradient background color vertical rather than horizontal?

    I think ATnotes ( is a very great example of building simple still decent sticky software, though it has stopped evolving for a long period.

    Hope the information useful!

    BTW, it is appreciated for the creator to add the applets to the software, but I think they are significantly unrelated to a sticky program. What make it worse is, they are not removable. It might be a good idea to detach the applets from Stickies and provide via plugins.

    • Steven De Toni

      Steven De Toni - 2009-01-17

      Thanks for your comments and some of them have merit. Especially the hiding of the border idea, and realignment locations ... 

      The realign feature would be relatively simple to implement.

      The random style is another simple feature. 

      The applets are not removeable however, and I won't be doing any major re-work. 

      And like ATnotes, stickies is not actively developed ... may be one final release this year with your ideas? 

      The whole project, if it is to continue needs to be rebuilt from the ground up. Please rememeber, stickies was only ever a quick hack 11 years ago that turned into a monster app (figuratively and code wise). Since its coded in VC6, its long past it dues as a continued viable project.


    • Crend King

      Crend King - 2009-01-17

      Sorry to hear that this is not continued, but I understand. Open source has its advantage, but also lack of insurance of continuation as proprietary softwares. It's totally reasonable, but still regretful.

      Still, thank you for your software.


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