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GTKstereograph 0.12a featuring renderer 0.22

GTKstereograoh 0.12a is out, offering a complete interface to the current renderer (stereograph 0.22), including a texture alignment dialog and improved error reporting dialogs. You are now able to adjust and finally render your own stereogram within seconds. Unfortunately transparency is still a lacking feature in this interface.

Posted by Fabian Januszewski 2000-05-30

Stereograph 0.19.1

following changes:
* fixed png reading text output if verbose
* added the -V option to display version
* finally added the man page from Peter Palfrader
* updated install and uninstall script

Posted by Fabian Januszewski 2000-05-13


GTKstereograph (gtk_gui) is a graphical user interface based on GTK 1.2.0+. It offers all important options to create a nice stereogram within seconds. Stereograph release 0.19 or above is required.

Posted by Fabian Januszewski 2000-05-03

release 0.18

implemented ppm output, as file or optionally to stdout

Posted by Fabian Januszewski 2000-04-14

release 0.17

release 0.17 is coming with complete png i/o support

Posted by Fabian Januszewski 2000-04-14

release 0.16

Please visit the homepage for details

Posted by Fabian Januszewski 2000-04-12