Today Stellarium has been published for public testing. We are refactored the GUI for deep-sky objects and catalog of the their objects. Plus we introduced few new options for DSO. Other big features for current beta: Iridium flares, accurate calculations of the ecliptic obliquity, calculations of the nutation and cross-index data for DSO and stars.

Please help us test it.

List of changes between version 0.13.3 and HEAD (
- Added accurate calculations of the ecliptic obliquity. Finally we have good precession! (LP: #512086, #1126981, #1240070, #1282558, #1444323)
- Added calculations of the nutation. Now we optionally have IAU-2000B nutation. (Applied between 1500..2500 only.)
- Added new DSO catalog and related to him features (LP: #1453731, #1432243, #1285175, #1237165, #1189983, #1153804, #1127633, #1106765, #1106761, #957083)
- Added Iridium flares to Satellites plugin (LP: #1106782)
- Added list of interesting double stars in Search Tool
- Added list of interesting variable stars in Search Tool
- Added cross-identification data for HIP stars (SAO and HD numbers)
- Added sinusoidal projection
- Added draw DSO symbols with different colors
- Added labels to the landscapes (gazetteer support)
- Added a new behaviour for drawing of orbit for selected planet - drawing of the orbits of 'hierarchical group' (parent and all their childrens) of the selected celestial body (disabled by default).
- Added an option to lower the horizon, e.g. for a widescreen cylindrical view with mostly sky and ground on lower screen border (LP: #1299063).
- Added various timeshift-by-year commands (LP: #1478670)
- Added Moon's phases info
- Rewriting the Meteor module and the Meteor Showers plugin (LP: #1471143)
- Updated skycultures
- Updated Hungarian and Brazilian Portuguese translations of landscapes and skycultures
- Updated data for Solar System Observer
- Updated color scheme for constellations
- Updated documentation
- Updated QZip stuff
- Updated TUI plugin
- Updated data for Satellites plugin
- Updated Clang support
- Updated Pluto texture
- Using a better formula for CCD FOV calculation in Oculars plugin (LP: #1440330)
- Fixed shortkeys conflict (New shortkeys for Scenery 3D plugin - LP: #1449767)
- Fixed aliasing issue with GCC in star data unpacking
- Fixed documentation for core.wait() function (LP: #1450870)
- Fixed perspective projection issue (LP: #724868)
- Fixed crash on activation of AngleMeasure in debug mode (LP: #1455839)
- Fixed issue for update bottom bar position when we toggle the GUI (LP: #1409023)
- Fixed weird view of the Moon in Oculars plugin when Moon's scaling is enabled
- Fixed non-realistic mode drawing of artificial satellites
- Fixed availability plugins for the scripting engine (LP: #1468986)
- Fixed potention memory bug in Meteor class
- Fixed wrong spectral types for some stars (LP: #1429530)
- Change visibleSkyArea limitation to allow landscapes with "holes" in the ground. (LP: #1469407)
- Improved Delta T feature (LP: #1380242)
- Improved the ad-hoc visibility formula for LDN and LBN
- Improved the sight opportunities when artificial satellites are passes (LP: #907318)
- Changed behaviour of coloring of orbits of artificial satellites: we use gray color for parts of orbits, where satellite will be invisible (LP: #914751)
- Improved coloring and rendering artificial satellites (include their labels) in the Earth shadow for both modes (LP: #1436954)
- Improved for landscape and lightscape brightness with/without atmosphere. Now even considers landscape opacity for no-atmosphere conditions.
- Reduce Milky Way brightness in moonlight
- Enhancement of features in Telescope Control plugin (LP: #1469450)

Download link (Windows 32 and 64 bit, OS X):

Posted by Alexander Wolf 2015-08-14

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