I notice I can't login with the sysop details.  Are you still able to log in?

2008/10/22 Matthew Gates <matthewg42@gmail.com>
On Tuesday 21 October 2008, Johan Meuris wrote:
> Matthew,
> I updated the wiki installation in wiki2 to the stellarbook theme.
> http://www.stellarium.org/wiki2/
> We'll possibly run in to some things that have changed, but overall the
> adjustment was pretty painless, and all in the same css file as before.
> Johan

Looks good.  The only thing which seems wrong is that images linking to
external sites are not loading inside the page.  Take a look at the
Landscapes page to see what I mean.

You have the WikiSysop account details right?  Can you check the Preferences
and see if there is an option  for this?


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